Date: 07/23/2010 Description: Geneva - Solar Panels - State Dept Image

The U.S. MIssion in Geneva was the first U.S. Diplomatic property to install photovoltaic panels.  This project is the result of a unique Swiss and American public-private sector partnership initiated by OBO.  The partnership brings togther the U.S. Mission, Geneva, Service Cantonal de l'Energie (ScanE) and the Services Industriels de Genève (SIG).  Construction began in Fall 2004 and the green energy system was commissioned in July of 2005.  The keystone making this OBO project possible was the public-private partnership, negotiated by U.S. Mission, with the Electric Utility and Canton of Geneva.  The U.S. Mission's partnership with the electric utility is making a significant contribution to the Canton of Geneva energy and political goals for the promotion of renewables - in particular for photovoltaics.  The Canton's goals are implemented in close cooperation with the electric utility SIG through an ambitious green-power rebate tariff for solar power produced and fed to the grid.

On a sunny day the system at the U.S. Mission will deliver a peak power of up to 118 kiloWatts.  The PV array provides enough energy on a yearly basis to power 37 average households.  In addition, since the panels reduce heat gain in the buildings, they also reduce air conditioning requirements thereby lowering electric energy consumption at the Mission.

For more information on Photovoltaics at the U.S. Mission in Geneva see:  'Uncle Sam's Showcase' - October 2006