About the Program

The Energy and Sustainable Design (ESD) Staff Unit guides OBO to comply with sustainable design and energy conservation requirements of federal mandates and policies. ESD serves as portfolio managers for energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse (GHG) emissions. ESD implements projects that incorporate energy conservation and sustainable design technologies and strategies, by prioritizing projects based on payback, conservation potential, and GHG emission reductions to determine the most advantageous improvements. ESD also implements case studies demonstrating feasibility of available and emerging technologies, educates Department of State employees to better equip them in environmental stewardship, and reaches out to leaders and peers in the industry to broaden their awareness of the important role of buildings in sustainability.

Federal Mandates
Executive Order 13693 
Executive Order 13514
Executive Order 13423
2007 Energy Independence and Security Act

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)
DOE ESPC Contractors

Greening Diplomacy Initiative - Success Stories
Greening Success Stories