Industry Advisory Group

About the IAG

The Industry Advisory Group (IAG) is an advisory committee to the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), governed under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The IAG serves the U.S. government in a solely advisory capacity concerning industry and academia's latest concepts, methods, best practices, innovations and ideas related to OBO's mission to provide safe, secure and functional facilities that represent the U.S. government to the host nation and support our staff in the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives. These facilities should represent American values and the best in American architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability, art, culture, and construction execution.

Comprised of up to 35 noted professionals drawn from real estate, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, historic preservation, interior design, graphic design, construction, engineering, and facilities management, members serve a two-year term.

The group comes together in Washington, D.C. annually, in the spring, to discuss specific issues relative to the program. These annual meetings are open to the public, and include international guests. The list of potential candidates runs the gamut from internationally known architects, engineers, designers, construction contractors to those with emerging practices or working in related fields.

In addition to attending the annual meeting, IAG members meet throughout the year with OBO on design, construction, and other related project and program reviews and evaluations.

IAG Membership

While membership is only open at select times, OBO accepts nominations throughout the year. To submit a candidate for consideration, please click here.

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